They arrived safely! Bit more work than I expected it to be tho… Glad everything went ok :)

Gamecenter-in-the-garden update: this small office unit will be delivered on tuesday! 50% will become antique shop for my gf, 50% will become gamecenter for me!

The #sega #astrocity doesn’t het enough attention lately… :( #arcade

And done! Nominating @arcadeevents @detroitarcadeclub @ausretrogamer and @kernel64_ !! Go ahead guys, 24 hours left! Good luck!

Here we go! Couldn’t get/find more ice, so this should do… Already freezing… #alsicebucketchallenge

Artist at work. #groningen #050 #art #grafitti


The Candy Cab Project - Capcom Edition

I spent a whole month modelling these low poly arcade cabinets just for  fun (and practice with Cinema 4D). These sitdown and upright arcade cabinets were released in Japan between 1988 and 1995 by Capcom. You can find more information about them in here.

Click here to view the full project. Don’t forget to appreciate on Behance if you like! :)


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God of War series

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