Added some framed Cave artwork to the gameroom! :D

1CC DDP DFK Novice mode. Too easy…

Wooohooo! New highscore in Daifukkatsu! Got the extent and to stage 5! :D

Dodonpachi Daifukatsu looks beautiful on the Sony PVM!

3 new additions to the #cave #shmup family! Ddp dfk, mmp an pink sweets!

Sunday chilling, Espgaluda at a friends place! #shmupsunday

Gift arrived from @hsriner1984 ! Two GIJOES and a bunch of stickers/art! Thanks dude!

Quality time with Opa Opa!


so this new show herobank starts with a scene featuring this robot made of sega references. there’s opa opa, a mega drive, a mega drive controller, a dreamcast spiral, a vmu and a saturn.

and the saturn is mounted on its back like the robots from virtual on!

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